Bioclimatic Pergola

Prolong the summer with the Bioclimatic Pergola

Solar control devices and shade elements such as the Pergola Bioclimatic are well designed, drastically reduce the peaks of overheating and the need for cooling as well as improving the quality of natural light in the interior. The solar control devices and the shadow elements also contribute to improving visual comfort by controlling the glare and reducing the contrast values. This usually leads to increased satisfaction and comfort.

365 days of the year

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Regardless of the weather conditions, we have always liked to spend time abroad. Our gardens and terraces have become an important part of our lives. Forming an ideal complement to homes, and becoming as important as the interior. For this we need a comfort in our stay abroad. Providing protection and aesthetics with the Bioclimatic Pergola, you will now spend more time outdoor.

The best option for your terrace

With our pergola it will naturally regulate the temperature of your stay, while protecting you from solar radiation, rain, wind or any other inclement weather. With a modern and timeless design, it fits perfectly in any environment, giving an avant-garde touch to any terrace. This system provides a high degree of customization, adapting to the various aesthetic and functional requirements that are needed today. We have a wide range of colors and accessories that offer, as well as a series of last generation automations. All this, together with a robustness that the structure presents, will make its use more comfortable and simple, being able to use all kinds of accessories: awnings, interior lighting, heating, speakers, etc.

With the rain sensor, you will avoid the degradation of the furniture that is located under the pergola, thanks to its automatic closing. You can also use any product, connect the heating or turn on the lighting with a single command. You can even have a general control of the pergola with your smartphone.

Optional Gadgets

Bluetooh audio system

Lighting system

Remote control system from the smartphone

Other accessories that will make the use of your pergola easier and more pleasant are:

  • Audio system, sensors, glass curtains
  • Rain and / or wind sensor
  • Infrared heating
  • Emitter and control center
  • LED lighting
  • Sound and music transmission via Bluetooth
  • Control from smartphone
  • Temperature sensor
  • Snow sensor
  • Assembly service
  • Awnings, stores, large windows and heating

Ventilation and Refrigeration

When the metal slats are heated, the hot air flows naturally upwards, causing colder air to take its place. There is a breeze that ventilates both the room and the facade.

Active solar heating

By regulating the slats we can regulate the entrance of the solar rays, and maintain the flow of air between the slats.

Passive solar heating

Keep the summer sun outside and let the winter sun come into our house, so passive heating is achieved. Passive solar heating is the cheapest way to heat your house.

Protection against rain

The bioclimatic pergolas are composed of a system of slats with a closure between them, driving the water that they collect towards lateral channels.


The bioclimatic pergola, is equipped with a roof of mobile slats. You can close the sides by stores, glasses, combs or combination of them. Adding lateral to the pergola can be adapted to the taste of our demands, increasing comfort on the outside. You can incorporate sliding panels of mobile slats, fixed slats, panels with a variety of colors, mosquito screens or glass walls.

Types of assembly


Attractive and versatile, adaptable to any architectural relief..


It will create a new environment, clean and pleasant


Le ayuda a gestionar y economizar su consumo de energia

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